i actually w3nder h3w much i piss pe3ple 3ff when they see me.




Don’t fucking call me Hal. Disrespecting someone else’s identity just because they’re associated with someone you hate - without even taking a moment to consider that maybe the person you’re disrespecting hates that person too - is so beyond a dick move I don’t even know what to say.

Don’t care who you are.

I have beefs with you, all right, but they’ve got precisely dick to do with your past history and everything to do with how you’re throwing your emotional baggage all over someone you just fucking met.

3h, w3w, i th3ught y3u said t3. i was g3ing t3 make a nickname f3r y3u t3 pers3nally 3ffend y3ur dumb identities.

h3ly shit y3u g3t really mad at that it’s alm3st funny t3 resp3nd t3. als3, l3ve the fact that y3u refer t3 it as “em3ti3nal baggage” when all i said was i hate the guy. 

i’m n3t gushing 3ver h3w much my feelings were hurt by the evil pink m3nkey race kn3wn as humans. 

it’s a new rec3rd f3r h3w quick i pissed 3ff s3me3ne, accidentally. 



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Well fuck, it seems that I’m getting more followers.

Hi, I don’t have a name yet, just don’t call me Hal or Dirk and I won’t have any immediate beefs with you.

dirk was a guy i hated, s3 i’ll call y3u hal. 3r nameless, that w3rks t33.

anellu, greatest tr3ll this side 3f the freezing desert. 

there is a g33d chance we’ll have beefs. 

(my secret shall be safe f3rever, n3w.)

her dress gets set 3n fire when she spinds. i want my cl3ak t3 d3 that.

b3red3m sets in. talking t3 s3me3ne is better than watching this dumb m3vie.

where is my knifegun.